Actor and producer Reese Witherspoon, through her production company Hello Sunshine, has optioned hit books like Wild, Gone Girl, Big Little Lies, and Little Fires Everywhere and turned them into hit movies and TV shows.

Now she’s ready to do the same with her favorite NFT collection. 

Through a new deal announced on Thursday, Hello Sunshine will develop feature films and television series based on the Ethereum NFT collection World of Women (WoW). The news comes one month after World of Women signed for Hollywood representation with music exec Guy Oseary.

NFTs are the unique tokens that exist on a blockchain like Ethereum or Solana and prove ownership of a digital or physical asset. World of Women NFTs are a profile picture (PFP) set by artist Yam Karkai. Witherspoon and actress Eva Longoria have had WoW NFTs as their Twitter PFPs for over a month now.


Witherspoon told Variety that WoW holders will have the chance to get involved in the development and production process of these new World of Women media projects. The films and TV series will “expand their universe of characters.”

As for the reason behind this collaboration, Witherspoon sees WoW’s female focus as aligned with her production company, which she sold to Blackstone last August for $900 million. (Witherspoon remains on its board.)

“While the crypto and NFT space is largely dominated by men, there are inspiring leaders like World of Women creating incredible communities for women during this massive shift for media and technology,” Witherspoon said.


World of Women is the most successful female-focused NFT collection so far, with a 10 ETH (about $29,000) floor price to buy one and over 50,000 ETH ($145 million) in secondary sales on NFT marketplace OpenSea. WoW is currently ranked No. 21 on OpenSea’s top NFT collections of all time. 

While NFTs have become a growing trend, none have yet to successfully go mainstream with TV and film adaptations. But Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine could be the powerhouse brand that makes NFT-inspired media commonplace. But WoW is hardly the first to eye Hollywood: CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Bored Ape spinoff Jenkins the Valet have all signed agent deals as well, with planned IP franchises in the works.

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