Decrypt has implemented the following financial disclosure policy.

Below, we list all editorial employees of Decrypt, along with their material positions held in cryptocurrencies or crypto-related projects.

Decrypt's policy is to consider crypto holdings over $2,000 as a significant investment. Holdings below that threshold are considered non-material investments, but it may be necessary for editorial staff to maintain limited amounts of cryptocurrency below $2,000 in order to fully participate in, research, and report on the crypto ecosystem.

Freelance writers are required to disclose their crypto holdings according to the same policy, on their author bio pages.

This table will be updated quarterly. As of Thursday January 14th, 2021:

Employee Job title Owns Crypto? BTC ETH Other
Josh Quittner Editorial Director Yes Yes Yes
Matt Hussey Editor Yes Yes Yes C20
Stephen Graves Managing Editor Yes Yes Yes SCRT
Guillermo Jimenez US Editor No No No
Tim Copeland News Editor Yes Yes Yes
Jeff Benson West Coast Editor No No No
Adriana Hamacher Contributing Editor Yes Yes Yes
Scott Chipolina Journalist No No No
Jose Lanz Writer/Editor Yes Yes No

Decrypt is funded by ConsenSys, a NY-based incubator, but we are both editorially independent and technologically agnostic.