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Getting Started with AI

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Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence (AI): The moment that science fiction has been heralding for years has arrived: Artificial Intelligence is an everyday reality, accessible by everyone. Decrypt U’s latest free course allows you to earn an on-chain certificate of your AI knowledge while making you conversant on the origins of AI, what terms like “machine learning” and “natural language processing” actually mean, and the implications of the literally world-changing innovation that is ChatGPT.

The Decrypt 2023 U.S. Tax Guide

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Can you deduct crypto mining electricity costs? How does the IRS treat income paid in crypto? Is Bitcoin taxed the same as other cryptocurrencies? Does FIFO “first in, first out” apply to crypto capital gains taxes? It’s hard even for a crypto expert to keep up with the constant changes in crypto tax codes. Don’t worry, Decrypt has got you covered. Learn how to file your crypto taxes and earn an on-chain certificate in the process to showcase all you’ve learned.

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