Saga, an upcoming gaming-centric layer-1 blockchain network, announced this week that it will offer play-to-airdrop rewards in partnership with games that are running on other major blockchains, including Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

The “Three Kingdoms” play-to-airdrop campaign offers the ability for players of games on those three networks to potentially claim a share of the upcoming SAGA token launch, which is planned for this spring.

Saga co-founder and CEO Rebecca Liao previously teased plans to Decrypt about play-to-airdrop rewards on other chains, including Avalanche and Polygon, as Saga has collaboration agreements with the firms supporting both respective chains.

Earlier this month, Saga announced airdrop eligibility for certain users across multiple chains. According to this week’s announcement, all of the games participating in the Three Kingdoms promotion are building across both Saga and one of the aforementioned networks.


The Three Kingdoms competitions will begin on Saturday, January 20 with competitions in the games Forest Knight, MixMob, Necrodemic by Bullieverse, and StarHeroes.

Saga will also host a kickoff tournament and stream on Saturday, hosted by Bryce “Brycent” Johnson, a prominent blockchain game steamer and member of esports organization XSET. Some viewers will also be eligible for airdrop rewards, along with potential token reward or NFT mints from individual game projects.

Several other notable games will also participate in the Three Kingdoms campaign with competitions in the coming weeks, such as card-battler ParallelGG’s 2023 game of the year—as well as first-person shooter Shrapnel, move-to-earn game Stepn, social strategy game Gas Hero, and mech shooter Phantom Galaxies.


Other titles include Angelic, Love Monster, Megaweapon, and Yuliverse. Some restrictions apply to the airdrop, however. For example, United States residents are not eligible for SAGA rewards.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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