In brief

  • Dapps are decentralized applications, built using smart contracts and running on the blockchain.
  • Tron dapps include Web3 applications, decentralized finance, GameFi and NFTs.
  • To interact with Tron dapps you'll need a Tron wallet and some TRX.

The best way to think of a decentralized application (dapp) is as the user-friendly interface for smart contracts running on the blockchain.

The concept is akin to a traditional mobile or desktop app, but whereas Web 2.0 apps are built on centralized networks and servers, dapps are based on the decentralized technology of blockchain. That means they enable people to interact with the application without a centralized authority or any third-party intermediaries getting involved.

What are the top Tron dapp categories?

Tron has a wide range of dapps on its platform, including games, decentralized finance (DeFi), exchanges, NFT collectibles, marketplaces and social.

In order to interact with Tron dapps, you'll first need to set up a Tron wallet and obtain some TRX to cover transaction fees on the network.

Did you know?

As of July, there are over 4,000 active dapps on Tron, according to


Image: Sunswap

SunSwap was the first decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Tron blockchain. It functions similarly to Uniswap on Ethereum or PancakeSwap on Binance Chain.

Tron users can securely exchange their TRC-20 tokens based on a price set by the system. The platform doesn’t take any commissions. Other services include liquidity pools to support trading and earn rewards, stablecoin conversions and burning $SUN tokens.

$SUN is a DeFi coin created in 2020 by and named for Tron’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun. Although it initially launched as a meme coin, SUN is also a “social experiment,” according to its whitepaper, with the goal of proving that Tron can be a legitimate launchpad for DeFi projects.


Image: JustLend

JustLend is the first official decentralized lending platform on Tron and operates much like Ethereum’s Aave or Compound.

Users can borrow, lend, deposit and earn interest on their assets at nearly 10% returns on USDD (Tron’s stablecoin). The interest rates of JustLend’s liquidity pools are determined by an algorithm tied to supply and demand for Tron assets.

JustLend accepts TRX (Tron’s currency), USDT (a Tron stablecoin), SUN, bitcoin, ETH and several other coins as collateral for loans.



APENFT is the premier NFT marketplace on Tron, with a mission to deliver world-class artworks as non-fungible tokens on the blockchain.

Backed by the underlying technology of the Ethereum and Tron blockchains, APENET is supported by Bittorrent File System (BTFS), the world's largest distributed storage system. And because no transaction fees are charged when minting on APENFT, creators keep 100% of the proceeds from their artwork after gas fees are deducted.

APENFT is a major part of the Tron ecosystem, and has been integrated into the Poloniex exchange, one of the oldest exchanges on Tron—to allow their users to freely buy and sell NFTs on Tron without ever having to leave the app.

Win NFT Horse

Win NFT Horse
Image: Win NFT Horse

Win NFT Horse is a play-to-earn horse racing game running on Tron, Ethereum, and Binance Chain, developed in collaboration with WinkLink and APENFT.

With eight different levels and four gameplay modes—challenge, match, duel and arena—Win NFT Horse combines rich, competitive gameplay with high-fidelity graphics. Players can complete daily tasks and match through a single horse or match different levels of horses to create unlimited combinations and use their strategy to play against other players to earn the game's native token, WIN, which can be staked to earn additional rewards.

As well as purchasing horses to race and win TRX, players can also use two horse NFTs to breed baby horses by burning TRX and the game's native token, WIN. The higher the pedigree of your stallions, the higher the pedigree of the resulting baby horses—which can then be traded for TRX in the game's marketplace.

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