The Team

The people behind Decrypt.


Jeff Benson

Jeff Benson is a writer and evening editor for Decrypt. He has bylines in Digital Privacy News, Sunset, and Via magazine. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

Senior Editor


Scott Chipolina

Scott is an investigative journalist with a background in financial regulation. He previously worked for the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and holds a Masters’ degree from City University, London, in Investigative Journalism. His areas of interest include financial crime, social media misinformation and the regulation of cryptocurrencies. He can also speak Spanish. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC.



Stephen Graves

Stephen is UK Managing Editor of Decrypt. Previously he has contributed to titles including Stylus, Stuff, and LS:N Global. Disclosure: He owns 1 BTC and a significant amount of SCRT, and has recused himself from writing or editing stories about SCRT.

UK Managing Editor


Adriana Hamacher

Adriana is a BBC-trained journalist, presenter and producer as well as an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in blockchain, robotics, IoT and other emerging technologies. Disclosure: She owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

Senior Writer


Andrew Hayward

Andrew is a veteran journalist who has written for such publications as Rolling Stone, Playboy, Edge, and Vice and collaborated on a film and several books. He is based in Chicago. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and 1 ETH.

Senior Writer


Guillermo Jimenez

Guillermo is US Managing Editor of Decrypt. He's based in Austin, Texas, and has previously worked as a writer, editor, and podcast producer for various publications. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

US Managing Editor


Liam J. Kelly

Liam is UK News Editor at Decrypt. He is a Berlin-based journalist who's been covering the cryptocurrency space since 2016. Bylines include Wired UK, Exberliner, BreakerMag, and more. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 1 ETH, and more than $1,000 of POLS, WBTC, DPI, FLI, AAVE, and UFT.

UK News Editor


Jose Antonio Lanz

Jose is a journalist, lawyer, professor, and strategic planning specialist whose work has appeared in various cryptocurrency and blockchain publications. He is a native of Venezuela, and writes and translates for Decrypt US and for Decrypt Español. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC.

Writer & Translator


Jason Nelson

Jason writes and produces content related to Bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, and Web 3.0. He also hosts a YouTube channel and podcast called Crypto Insights Journal. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.


Los Angeles

Daniel Roberts

Dan is the Editor-in-Chief of Decrypt. He has covered cryptocurrency since 2011. He spent five years at Fortune and five years at Yahoo Finance, and has written for a wide range of other publications including Sports Illustrated, TIME, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Paris Review, and Deadspin. He is the co-author of the 2013 book "Zoom: How to Supercharge Your Career." Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 1 ETH.


New York

Jeff John Roberts

Jeff is Decrypt's Executive Editor. A former lawyer and staff writer for Fortune, Jeff has reported on crypto since 2013. He is the author of the 2019 book about Coinbase, "Kings of Crypto: One Startup's Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street." Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

Executive Editor


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