The Team

The people behind Decrypt.


Jeff Benson

Jeff Benson is a writer and evening editor for Decrypt. He has bylines in Digital Privacy News, Sunset, and Via magazine. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

Writer & Evening Editor


Scott Chipolina

Scott is an investigative journalist with a background in financial regulation. He previously worked for the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and holds a Masters’ degree from City University, London, in Investigative Journalism. His areas of interest include financial crime, social media misinformation and the regulation of cryptocurrencies. He can also speak Spanish. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC.



Matthew Aaron Diemer

Matthew is the host of the Decrypt Daily podcast, one of the only daily news podcasts in the crypto space. He's interviewed a wide range of interesting guests — you could be next. Disclosure: He owns significant amounts of BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, ZIL, RUNE, XYO, OAX, CVC, NAV, AERGO, UPT, BEAM, BOLT, PTOY, VRM, ADB, SUMO, RSR, STA, VRC, and VTC.

Podcast Host


Will Gottsegen

Will is a New York-based writer covering culture and tech. His stories have appeared in Pitchfork, Spin and Billboard, among other publications. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.


New York

Stephen Graves

Stephen is UK Managing Editor of Decrypt. Previously he has contributed to titles including Stylus, Stuff, and LS:N Global. Disclosure: He owns 1 BTC and a significant amount of SCRT, and has recused himself from writing or editing stories about SCRT.

UK Managing Editor


Adriana Hamacher

Adriana is a BBC-trained journalist, presenter and producer as well as an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in blockchain, robotics, IoT and other emerging technologies. Disclosure: She owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.



Guillermo Jimenez

Guillermo is US Managing Editor of Decrypt. He's based in Austin, Texas, and has previously worked as a writer, editor, and podcast producer for various publications. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

US Managing Editor


Liam J. Kelly

Liam is UK News Editor at Decrypt. He is a Berlin-based journalist who's been covering the cryptocurrency space since 2016. Bylines include Wired UK, Exberliner, BreakerMag, and more. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 1 ETH, and more than $1,000 of POLS, WBTC, DPI, FLI, AAVE, and UFT.

Jose Antonio Lanz

Jose is a journalist, lawyer, professor, and strategic planning specialist whose work has appeared in various cryptocurrency and blockchain publications. He is a native of Venezuela, and writes and translates for Decrypt US and for Decrypt Español. Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC.

Writer & Translator


Daniel Roberts

Dan is the Editor-in-Chief of Decrypt. He has covered cryptocurrency since 2011. He spent five years at Fortune and five years at Yahoo Finance, and has written for a wide range of other publications including Sports Illustrated, TIME, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Paris Review, and Deadspin. He is the co-author of the 2013 book "Zoom: How to Supercharge Your Career." Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 1 ETH.


New York

Jeff John Roberts

Jeff is Decrypt's Executive Editor. A former lawyer and staff writer for Fortune, Jeff has reported on crypto since 2013. He is the author of the 2019 book about Coinbase, "Kings of Crypto: One Startup's Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street." Disclosure: He owns less than 1 BTC and less than 5 ETH.

Executive Editor


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