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Carlo D’Angelo

Carlo D’Angelo is a lawyer, former law professor, and crypto and NFT enthusiast. Carlo’s practice focuses on advising clients in all areas of blockchain technology law. Carlo is also the host of Lex Line, a weekly crypto and blockchain law podcast.

NFT Dudu

NFT Dudu has been involved in crypto since 2018. He’s founded multiple Chinese communities for blue chip NFT holders, and currently leads Rug Radio China. Disclosure: No significant crypto holdings.

Ashley Duncan

This contributor is a Rug Radio Creator. Ashley Duncan, known as "AshleyDCan," is a content creator, speaker and social media influencer, known for founding the NFT Collection "Crypto Titties," which raised $50k+ for charitable organizations. She is also known for her Web3 tabloid show called "NFTMZ," "Afternoon Tea" and "High Reviews." She is dedicated to content creation that brings fun back into education and marketing. Disclosure: Ashley holds ETH, SOL, and JUP.

Gabriele "Orangie" Leyva

This contributor is a Rug Radio Creator. Orangie (aka Gabriele Leyva) is a pro esports player turned NFT enthusiast and entrepreneur, now creating content in Web3 gaming. As a member of Yuga Labs' Gaming Council, Orangie gets early access to games and provides feedback to the company. Disclosure: He holds ETH and a Bored Ape NFT.

Benjamin White

Ben is a Host, Producer, Consultant and the Founder of Audio Galleries. He is also VP, Creator Strategy at Rug Radio & Decrypt. He has a strong background in Web3 and works as an ambassador for fine art, ensuring artists are well represented and rewarded. He has collaborated with notable figures like Philip Colbert and Craig Redman, and his own project.

Rachel Wilkins

This contributor is a Rug Radio Content Creator. Rachel Wilkins is a seasoned entrepreneur whose two-decade journey at the intersection of art and technology has been marked by innovative thinking and a collaborative spirit. She recently led the landmark launch of the inaugural Keith Haring digital collectible at Sotheby's, a testament to her pioneering role in art-tech integration. As the host and producer of TIME's 'Good News Show' and an integral member of the TimePieces Community Council. Through her entrepreneurial ventures, notably Conception Arts and Artiversity, Rachel has showcased the talents of over 8,000 artists globally and transformed tech education within the creative community. Her advocacy for the symbiosis of culture and technology resonates through her frequent speaking engagements at global forums and is echoed in esteemed publications like the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Rachel's work, marked by its impact and innovation, has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the New York Business Journal's 'Woman of Influence,' Business Outsider's '40 Under 40', and a New York State Citation.

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