The (relatively) good times continue to roll for EOS holders.

The fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap today broke through the $3 per token mark, returning to last week’s trading levels before the entire crypto market took a dive.

At the moment, the top 20 cryptocurrencies are walking very mixed paths. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, for example, have all incurred small drops between .05 and 1 percent, according to data from Messari. Meanwhile, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and Cardano, have experienced small gains over the past 24 hours.


But today’s biggest performer, EOS, has seen solid gains of roughly 3 percent over the last 24 hours.

The coin has seemingly been on a roll ever since it got the implicit “all clear” from the SEC.—the company that first issued EOS in 2017—purportedly raised approximately $4 billion through a token offering, which recently led to an SEC investigation.

Following the inquiry, the SEC fined a meager half percent—roughly $24 million—of what it had initially raised in the unregistered ICO. The comparatively small penalty was widely regarded as a win for and EOS, while some critics decried the SEC’s action as “weak” and a “bad look” for the Commission.

The SEC has been considerably harder on companies in the past. A prime example being Paragon Coin, which is presently $10 million in debt thanks to ongoing legal fees after raising $12 in a 2017 ICO.

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