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  • Nike has revealed its first digital metaverse sneakers, the Ethereum NFT-based RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks.
  • The sneaker giant acquired NFT firm RTFKT Studios in December.

Sneaker and apparel giant Nike made a significant play towards the metaverse in December when it acquired RTFKT Studios, a firm known for original digital sneakers sold as NFT assets. Today, that alliance bore its first fruit as RTFKT revealed Nike’s first Ethereum NFT sneakers.

The RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks are digital wearable items that are apparently designed for use in metaverse worlds. RTFKT revealed them initially via a teaser video on Twitter, which shows how the look of the digital shoes can be altered via collectible “Skin Vials,” which can be swapped to enable varying styles.

Nike’s first CryptoKicks can be opened through RTFKT’s MNLTH Ethereum NFTs, which were airdropped for free to holders of RTFKT’s valuable CloneX profile picture NFTs and other earlier RTFKT NFTs in February. An NFT is type of token that is used to demonstrate ownership over digital assets, such video game items, artwork, or just about anything else online.


Today’s reveal came following a series of quests, or puzzles, that collectors had to solve before RTFKT launched the website that lets holders open the mysterious NFT vaults. As some holders have shared via social media, the MNLTH vaults contain a pair of CryptoKicks, a single Skin Vial, and a second MNLTH vault.

According to an official FAQ on the RTFKT Discord server, the firm will launch a quest series to unlock the MNLTH 2 vaults later this year. Each pair of CryptoKicks will also feature an “evolution path” that enables them to be evolved in some way.

Already, owners of the RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks NFTs are attempting to resell the Ethereum-based digital sneakers on secondary markets. On OpenSea, the sneakers start at a price of about 5 ETH, or over $14,800, as of this writing.


In December 2019, Nike was issued a patent for CryptoKicks, a blockchain-powered system in which digital assets can be paired with a physical product.

However, this new iteration of CryptoKicks is decidedly different in approach. RTFKT’s Discord FAQ describes it as “the revival of Nike CryptoKicks by RTFKT, starting with Evolutive skins.”

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