In brief

  • Rapper Soulja Boy keeps asking for investment advice on crypto Twitter.
  • The streamer has now told his followers which coins he owns.
  • His portfolio includes Binance Coin and Tron.

Hip-hop star Soulja Boy is getting more involved in the crypto space by the day. After telling his huge online following to buy Dogecoin, the “Crank That” hitmaker has now disclosed his portfolio. 

“Thanks guys, bought some BNB, DGB, TRX, KLV, ZPAE and FDO,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday. “What’s next? Let’s go.” 


The Atlanta rapper asked his 5.2 million followers for advice before investing in Binance Coin, DigiByte, Tron, Klever, ZelaaPayAE, and Firdaos. All of which—apart from BNB and TRX—are relatively unknown compared to Dogecoin, the biggest meme coin in existence. 

And Soulja Boy didn’t stop there, either: he also asked crypto Twitter how to buy XRP—the fifth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap—on Coinbase (perhaps oblivious to the legal troubles the coin has faced over the past month; Coinbase has since suspended trading for XRP). 

Soulja's fans are guiding him through crypto

In the past 24 hours, the digital superstar has been told by his fans to “get the fuck off Coinbase” and invest more money in Bitcoin directly. 

Soulja Boy this month drew the attention of Crypto Twitter—a small but loud group of people who tweet about cryptocurrencies all day—when he asked his followers whether he should release his own token. 


He was told to stay away by his followers and instead launch a non-fungible token (NFT)—a digital collectible that stores data on a blockchain and prove the holder is the true owner of that particular collectible.

The entrepreneur has since continued to tweet, asking for investment advice such as coins to invest in or exchanges to use. 

The rapper, who is best known for his 2007 hit, “Crank That,” joins a long list of crypto-hungry hip-hop artists. 

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