My Neighbor Alice is thrilled to announce the launch of Beta Season 1, a significant milestone marking the transition from the Alpha to Beta version. This move signifies a leap forward in the game’s development and underscores the commitment to fulfilling promises to the community and enhancing the player experience.

Steve Haßenpflug, Game Director at My Neighbor Alice, highlights the importance of this transition: “Concluding the Alpha seasons and moving into Beta is a testament to our dedication towards our community. Beta Season 1 signifies a new era in our journey, emphasizing our development philosophy and strategic direction towards creating a more engaging, community-driven game.”

Beta Season 1: A New Era of Engagement and Community Interaction

Beta Season 1 introduces groundbreaking features that significantly enhance gameplay, focusing on community interaction and an enriched gaming experience. New additions, such as the emote and trading systems, are set to revolutionize how players interact within the game. These features are not just improvements but are integral to deepening social connections and driving the game’s economy.

Key Highlights of Beta Season 1:

  • The Emote System: A new way for players to communicate and socialize, adding depth to community interaction.
  • The Trading System: Facilitates a player-driven, in-game marketplace, allowing for the free exchange of items, further vitalizing the game’s economy.
  • New Crafting Stations: Expand crafting possibilities both on player plots and within town hubs.
  • Tool Migration and New Quests: Introduce enhanced gameplay mechanics and new adventures.
  • Marketplace Enhancements: Including a streamlined UI, fixed spot prices for items, and a unified Single Sign-On system for an improved user experience.


My Neighbor Alice’s vision for Beta Season 1 and beyond is clear: continually enriching the gameplay with innovative features that promote social interactions, self-expression, and a move towards a fully decentralized ecosystem. The commitment to this vision is stronger than ever, promising an exciting future for the players of My Neighbor Alice.

“With Beta Season 1, we’re not just evolving; we’re reshaping the future of gaming by prioritizing community feedback and steering towards a decentralized, player-driven experience,” says Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer. “We’re excited for our players to experience this new chapter and to join us on this journey towards creating a game that truly belongs to its community.”

My Neighbor Alice invites players and enthusiasts to explore the new features and join the vibrant community in Beta Season 1. Stay tuned for further updates and embark on this exciting journey towards decentralization with us.

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