Gaming-centric network Saga launched its airdrop claim on Wednesday following three months of play-to-airdrop competitions. Winning players from those events can now claim SAGA tokens, along with crypto users who have staked tokens on a few other blockchain networks.

More than 200,000 unique wallets are eligible across chains including Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and Ethereum scaler Polygon. The claims page is now open, and tokens can be claimed until March 27. A total of 60 million SAGA tokens are up for grabs in the airdrop.

Note that there are regional eligibility restrictions on the airdrop claims. For example, United States citizens and residents are not eligible to claim tokens.

Saga’s play-to-airdrop competitions included games built on the network’s testnet, as well as notable games on other chains—like card-battler Parallel and first-person shooter Shrapnel.


On top of that, Saga is offering airdrop allocations to users who staked the respective native cryptocurrencies of the networks Avalanche, Polygon, Celestia, and Cosmos during certain periods in 2023. Saga previously released an eligibility guide that details which users on those chains will be able to claim SAGA tokens for their staking history.

Saga had previously announced partnerships with the teams behind Avalanche and Polygon, as the Saga network can be used as complementary infrastructure for games and apps on other chains.

The Saga network is designed as a “chain to launch chains,” Saga CEO and co-founder Rebecca Liao previously told Decrypt’s GG, and uses a model of “chainlets” that can be used in tandem. While Saga isn’t exclusively focused on gaming, Liao said in December that 80% of early developers on the testnet were building games.

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