Aurory, a Solana role-playing and monster-battling game, has launched its Seekers of Tokane experience to the public on the Epic Games Store after previously restricting access to NFT holders and access code recipients.

Seekers of Tokane serves up a chunk of the overall Aurory experience, letting players battle with Pokémon-esque creatures (called Nefties) and explore a lush fantasy land. It plays like a “roguelike” game, in which players must grab loot and attempt to exit with their winnings—because you’ll lose everything if you perish.

The public access is available for a limited time, from February 12 through February 26, and it’s tied to the launch of an in-game event, Dracurve’s Awakening. And it’s also linked to crypto rewards, including AURY tokens and rare in-game NFTs.

Aurory will distribute $50,000 worth of AURY token rewards to players, with $35,000 of that set for Aurorian NFT owners and the rest intended for non-holders. Furthermore, the game will also offer up limited edition NFT collectibles and “Draconic Eggs.”


Beyond the split between NFT holders and non-owners, it’s not clear how Aurory plans to distribute the $50,000 worth of AURY to players, or how specifically to earn the rewards. Decrypt’s GG has reached out to the Aurory team for clarification and will update this story if we hear back.

Aurory first launched in the Epic Games Store last November with the debut of Seekers of Tokane. Operated by Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite and creator of the widely used Unreal Engine development suite, the Epic Games Store is a major mainstream PC gaming marketplace with some 230 million total users as of the end of 2022.

It has also become a prominent home for a growing stack of crypto and NFT games, including the likes of Shrapnel, Gods Unchained, and Nyan Heroes. Rival marketplace Steam, run by Half-Life and Counter-Strike developer Valve, has taken an anti-crypto stance—though some game creators have found ways around the restrictions.


The Aurory project spans multiple games, as well as multiple chains. While it started life on Solana, the game expanded to Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum last year in an effort to attract more players. However, the game’s bridge to Arbitrum was exploited for $830,000 worth of AURY in December.

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