Word games are a perfect fit for smartphones, as they’re easy to control, are often well-suited for short bursts of play, and help jog your brain here and there throughout the grueling day. Most of them don’t let you earn Bitcoin for playing, however—but Word Breeze does.

Developed by PlayDay Studios and released as part of the sizable Bling Financial lineup of mobile games, Word Breeze is a simple but entertaining word-generating game that’s available for both iOS and Android.

While the iPhone and iPad version doesn’t mention Bitcoin in the title or description, both apps let you earn in-game points that can be converted to BTC or Ethereum and cashed out to a Coinbase account—or to PayPal in U.S. dollars. It’s a familiar premise that we’ve seen with other mobile games like Sweet Bitcoin and Ethereum Blast, all of which share the same login and redemption process.


It’s a fun, but very familiar premise. Given a small jumble of letters, you’ll need to spell out as many words as you can to fill out the intersecting spaces above. It’s part crossword game, part anagram solver, and nothing particularly new—I’ve definitely played a handful of mobile games like this over the years. But it’s a solid rendition of the touchscreen word game.

Image: Decrypt

And as mentioned, there are Bitcoin rewards to be earned here. Keep your expectations in check, however: While Word Breeze earned me slightly more Bitcoin than some of the other mobile crypto-earning games I’ve covered for Decrypt’s GG, it still feels like a pittance compared to the annoyance of how many overwhelming ads you’ll view.

In about two hours worth of play, I managed to zip through roughly 75 game levels—and that ultimately took up maybe half of the total time invested. The other half was spent watching the same handful of repetitive, full-screen, and mostly unskippable ads, often for scammy-looking games that purport to pay out hundreds of dollars a day.

Word Breeze definitely doesn’t do that. During that time, I earned enough Bling points to convert to 510 satoshis, or 0.00000510 Bitcoin. As of this writing, that’s just over $0.13 worth. That’s in the same general ballpark as the other Bling games I mentioned, which typically deliver about $0.05 to $0.10 worth of earnings per hour.

Is it worth it? Your mileage may vary.


Personally, I’d rather play a fun game that’s not dripping with obnoxious ads, rather than earn pennies per hour. But if you’re keen on “stacking sats” and piling up bits of BTC where you can, then Word Breeze is legitimately fun and engaging—at least when you’re actually able to play.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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