Bling Financial develops and publishes iOS and Android games that riff on familiar and well-trodden genres and formulas, ranging from the solitaire card game to bubble-popping puzzle games. But there’s a compelling twist in the mix: You can earn small amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum by playing.

This feature is not enabled by default when you start playing Bling games like Sweet Bitcoin, Ethereum Blast, or Bitcoin Pop. Luckily, it’s easy to start earning Bling Points while you play levels and watch ads, and then those Points can be converted into BTC or ETH and then deposited into a Coinbase account, or converted into U.S. dollars and sent to a PayPal account.

Want to earn a little crypto while gaming? Here’s another way to do so.

How do I turn on crypto earnings?


By default, Bling’s games just look and play like standard mobile games—albeit ones with a lot of video ads in the mix. To earn cryptocurrency for playing, you’ll need to enable the feature by signing in with an account.

Just tap the “Get Started” button at the top of a Bling app screen and then choose whether to log in with a Google or Facebook account or Apple account if you're using iOS. Tapping the downward-pointing arrow at the bottom also unearths an option to log in with an email address instead. Once logged in, you’ll earn Bling Points that can be redeemed for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Screenshots from Sweet Bitcoin, a Bling Financial game. Image: Decrypt

Recently, Bling Financial has launched a daily bonus feature across its games to keep players coming back regularly. You'll earn bonus points while playing, with daily challenges that you can complete to upgrade your tier level, thus boosting your rewards.

But if you don't play daily, then you'll lose "spicy peppers" to feed your pet, and thus fall lower down the ranks and get less of a points boost. Basically, it comes down to this: Play regularly, and earn more points that can be converted into crypto.

Screenshots from Bling Financial's bonus system
Screenshots from Bling Financial's bonus system. Image: Decrypt's GG

Which games does this work with?

As of this writing, Bling offers nine mobile games across iOS and Android that offer crypto rewards. Some are developed by Bling and others were created by other studios, but the in-game interfaces are largely identical—and they all share the same Bling account so you can earn across games. Here are the games available so far, although this list may change over time:


How do I cash out?

You’ll need to use the Bling Financial website to cash in your earned points for cryptocurrency and deposit your winnings. Simply click the “Cash Out” button in the upper right corner of the Bling website, and then log in with the same account you used in the Bling app.

Converting Bling Points to Bitcoin. Image: Decrypt

Bling will show you how much you’ve earned. In this example, I have nearly 60,000 Bling points, which equates to 0.00000060 BTC—or about $0.04 worth of Bitcoin as of this writing.

You can then choose either Bitcoin or Ethereum, and have the earnings transferred to a Coinbase account—or you can choose U.S. dollars and send that to a PayPal account. After cashing out, you’ll have to wait seven days to do so again.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on June 26, 2023 and last updated with new details on March 13, 2024.

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