G2A, a popular website for buying digital keys for video games and other software, has launched a blockchain gaming marketplace called G2A Geekverse, the company announced Tuesday.

G2A Geekverse offers a curated selection of gaming NFTs from “trusted business partners,” the platform said in a statement. For a limited time, the marketplace will not charge any transaction fees on NFT sales and aims to fully honor royalties set by collection creators.

“We have been following the development of this technology from the very beginning when blockchain and NFTs emerged in gaming through CryptoKitties. For us, it was natural to closely monitor the entertainment segment of the industry. We wanted to find out how closely gamers are related to technology and concepts of blockchain gaming,” said Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of the G2A Capital Group, in a statement. 

“It turned out that players are quite familiar with the blockchain gaming industry, and a significant portion of them already play Web3 games and have even engaged in NFT trading from games,” Skwarczek added.


Supported blockchains currently include Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain, with plans for G2A-themed NFTs on the horizon, according to the announcement.

Future plans for G2A Geekverse include expanding supported blockchains, enabling fiat payments, and providing tools to help partners promote their NFT collections, the company said. G2A claims an existing total shopper base of over 25 million users for its primary offerings, which include digital codes for video games and add-on content, as well as digital subscription plans.

G2A’s Geekverse will have to compete with other crypto-native NFT marketplaces like Blur, OpenSea, and Magic Eden, to name a few, but Geekverse’s more mainstream platform may appeal to those not already familiar with blockchain gaming and NFTs.

Editor’s note: This article was written with the assistance of AI. Edited and fact-checked by Kate Irwin and Andrew Hayward.


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