Solana Labs, the startup that represents the founders and core builders of the Solana blockchain network, has announced GameShift, a new software tool that allows game developers to use a variety of third-party crypto applications to build their games on Solana or port them over to the network.

The announcement, shared exclusively with Decrypt, was made Wednesday at a Solana-centric gaming event called PlayGG in San Diego.

The goal with GameShift—an API, or application programming interface that connects software to the Solana network—is to give game developers an easy way to add a blockchain layer, or what Solana Labs calls an “ownership layer,” to video games.


Blockchain networks like Solana enable players to own their own in-game assets via NFTs and trade them via marketplaces. Traditional video games like Fortnite and Roblox that sell in-game items are typically closed ecosystems, or "walled gardens" that don't let players take or sell those items elsewhere.

“Developers for Web3 games need innovative technology to simplify and accelerate the game building process, which GameShift will accomplish,” said Solana Labs Head of Product Tal Tchwella, in a statement. “GameShift is building the ownership layer for games, and will provide a one-stop shop for developers on Solana helping them build faster and more confidently.”

GameShift will offer solutions for NFT and crypto custody, game marketplaces, inventory management, NFT minting, and credit card integrations, to name a few. 

A screenshot of the GameShift interface. Image: Solana Labs

“Developers see the potential of Web3 games,” Tchwella said, “but they need help navigating the fragmented landscape of Web3 tools and solutions.”


Solana Labs’ GameShift comes as other crypto firms are similarly looking for ways to simplify the blockchain game development process and onboard traditional video game creators and studios.

Last month, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan’s Fractal launched FStudio, a three-part product designed to help game devs add crypto elements to their games. And Avalanche blockchain builder Ava Labs last month announced Avalanche Arcad3, a program to help connect game developers to crypto firms.

Solana Labs said it plans to release GameShift at some point this year, but interested developers can sign up for early access via the company’s website.

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