Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has snapped up Web3 data and infrastructure company Transpose. 

In a Tuesday announcement, the company said it would work with Transpose, which provides developers with Web3 data, to build “a future when all value is transferred on-chain, and every company is a blockchain company.”

Chainalysis would not disclose the size of the acquisition to Decrypt but said in an email that the two companies shared a “long-term vision” of a “new financial system powered by blockchains.”

“In the future, all businesses and developers will need blockchain data to build in Web3,” a spokesperson said. “Over time, Transpose technology combined with the Chainalysis knowledge graph will provide transparency and efficiency for the future of finance.”


Chainalysis analyzes blockchain data to provide strategic insights and metrics to its clients, which include government agencies and cryptocurrency firms. 

It first made headlines in 2015 when it provided information to law enforcement to help catch two FBI agents who stole Bitcoin while investigating the Silk Road dark web market. 

Chainalysis also helped authorities in the States and South Korea bust a notorious child abuse images website by tracking illicit Bitcoin transactions. It also hired a former top U.S. government official. 


Transpose provides access to real-time blockchain data such crypto transactions, swaps on decentralized exchanges, and NFT sales, using APIs (application programming interfaces)—the standardized mechanisms that enable separate software components to communicate with each other and perform tasks.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Transpose to the team, and to work together with our combined customers and partners toward a more efficient, transparent financial system,” Chainalysis added. 

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