Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is further expanding into the blockchain gaming space with the acquisition of Good Luck Games, developer of the fantasy card video game Storybook Brawl.

In the deal, Good Luck Games will become a part of FTX Gaming, and Storybook Brawl will receive some blockchain-based integrations. 

Exactly how Storybook Brawl will transform into a Web3 game is unclear, but it’s possible FTX Gaming is looking to adapt each card in the game into an NFT.

NFTs are unique tokens that exist on a blockchain like Ethereum and can be bought and sold through online marketplaces.


According to a Zdnet report, Storybook Brawl’s transition to the blockchain is in its early stages, and ideas are in the prototyping stage.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried sees the acquisition of Storybook Brawl’s publisher as a representation of where FTX wants to go with its gaming division.

“Outside of it being an incredibly fun game our whole office enjoys… we saw an opportunity to be the vanguard for the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions in a way that hasn't yet been done in this space,” Bankman-Fried said in a statement.

Good Luck Games’ developers come from titles like Magic: The Gathering and Elder Scrolls: Legends. Storybook Brawl is a PC game still in beta since its Steam release last June.


FTX’s Good Luck Games purchase comes just a few weeks after the exchange hired Steve Sadin as its new Head of Gaming Partnerships. Sadin, who comes from WB Games and Sega, told Zdnet that he’s known some of the Good Luck Games team for nearly 20 years due to his past involvement in the Magic: The Gathering community.

Given the success of NFT card games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, Storybook Brawl may look to position itself as a direct competitor to Web3’s flagship titles in the blockchain gaming space.

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