In brief

  • Lockdown and social distancing mean Bitcoin's halving is a very different beast from 2016.
  • More people than ever are expected to watch via livestream.
  • Here's where to join in and catch all of the action.

For some it’ll seem like watching paint dry, but today thousands of Bitcoiners will be mesmerized by their screens, watching the Bitcoin halving at 7 pm UTC (3 pm EST.)  That’s when block 630,000 rolls around, the new supply of Bitcoin dramatically cuts in half, and we put those bold Bitcoin price predictions to the test.

On July 9, 2016, the date of Bitcoin’s last halving, there were parties around the world: in Melbourne, Montreal, NYC, London, Dublin, Paris and more. They had a blast. Here’s a video from the 2016 HODL halving party in Tel Aviv (spoiler alert: lots of blocks get halved):


This year, with lockdown and social distancing, the parties will look very different, as does the context in which the Bitcoin halving celebration takes place. But interest in the halving is bigger than ever this time around. And to match, there are livestreams, parties, and, of course, swag. Here are some of the best places to watch the digital magic happen.

1. 21-Hour Live Stream

Bitcoin halving stream
Bitcoin halving 21 hour livestream speaker list.

When: From 11:59 EST

Where:, and at

Bitcoin Magazine has non-stop coverage of Bitcoin’s third Halving with commentary, analysis, product giveaways, auctions and a live countdown. 


Who’s going:  Mastering Bitcoin author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos; Bitcoiner & Host of  Charlie Shrem; Bitmex cofounder, Arthur Hayes; Lightning Labs co-founder, Elizabeth Stark, Bitcoiner American Hodl and plenty more.

2. Bitcoin Halving of 2020 - The Epic Anniversary LIVE Stream

Ton Vays halving
Bitcoin Halving of 2020 - The Epic Anniversary LIVE Stream. Image: Tone Vays

When: From 5pm UCT


Former Wall Street trader and Bitcoin maximalist Tone Vays is having his own party. Two hundred plus people are already waiting on his channel with just a couple of hours to go, so it looks like it will be popular. 

Who’s going: Tone and his pals.

3. Pizza, Beer, and The Bitcoin Halving Presented by Gemini & BlockFi

Pizza, Beer, and The Bitcoin Halving Presented by Gemini & BlockFi
Pizza, Beer, and The Bitcoin Halving Presented by Gemini & BlockFi. Image: Gemini/BlockFi

When: From 10 pm EST 

Where:  Sign up here, links and instructions sent by email.

Morgan Creek co-founders Jason Williams and Anthony Pompliano will be livestreaming leading up to the third Bitcoin halving. We’re promised “lots of pizza, probably too much beer, and a hell of a good time."


Who’s going: Pomp and Williams.

4. Consensus: We’re Halving A Party! 

Consensus: We’re Halving A Party!
Consensus: We’re Halving A Party! Image: Coindesk

When: Scheduled for whenever the halving happens (tentatively: 15-16.30 EST).

Who’s going: Bison Trails cofounder Joe Lallouz, Digiconomist; Wyatt Capital CEO, Wes Fulford and independent researcher Wes Fulford.

5. Cointelegraph Bitcoin Halving Live Party

cointelegraph halving party
Cointelegraph Bitcoin Halving Live Party. Image: CoinTelegraph

When: From 10am EST

Where: Livestreamed on YouTube.

Cointelegraph’s party promises exclusive halving coverage with some of the top minds of crypto from all corners of the globe.

Who’s going: Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Meltem Demirros, Alex Tapscott and more.

6. Value of Bitcoin Conference

Value of Bitcoin
The Value of Bitcoin Conference. Image: VoB

When: All day


Where:  Via Youtube:

More a conference, than a halving celebration, but there are three stages; interactive sessions, virtual networking, and a virtual exhibition.

Who’s going: Blockware Solutions cofounder, Matt D’Souza and Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital, Parker Lewis are on at the expected halving time.

7. Bitcoin Halvening Countdown Party

When: From 2pm UCT until the 210,000 block is mined.

Where: Sign up here, links and instructions sent by email.

Hosted by blockchain media company, Bits And Tokens. This event promises  speakers (not listed); four different Bitcoin themed destinations to visit and mingle with developers, founders, miners, traders, and gamers. Plus giveaways, including Sheildfolio Stonebooks, Ghost Pens and cold storage wallets.

Who’s going: It’s a surprise!


Want to have your own party? Here’s a digital clock and an analogue one.

Have yourselves a happy halving. See you on the other side.

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