Roaring Kitty is posting on Twitter again, pushing GME up 5% in pre-market trading. But, some internet detectives believe that he’s hinting that he owns stock in AMC.

After posting a single tweet a week ago, returning to Reddit on Thursday, and livestreaming on Friday, the GameStop bull is back to posting movie references.

Keith Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty or DeepFuckingValue, was at the center of the GameStop short squeeze in 2021—forever tying his name to the company.

But, due to his longtime habit of communicating through movie references on Twitter, people are starting to believe he also owns AMC—another meme stock popularized in 2021.


His latest post is a screenshot from the opening shot of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight,” showing Heath Ledger’s Joker character holding a kitten mask right before he robs a bank. Some Twitter detectives have taken particular interest in the mask, believing there are hidden numbers and messages within the kitten's fur.

Many people see the number five on the mask which they believe is due to AMC’s stock price currently hovering around $5. Others see the word AMC written on the mask. However the original photo of the kitten has been found, debunking the theory that RoaringKitty added any hidden messages in the mask.

That hasn’t stopped people believing that Roaring Kitty holds AMC. This belief is only strengthened by a clip from Roaring Kitty’s livestream where he speaks about movies, almost begging the audience to read between the lines.


“Oh movies, alright let's go! Yeah movies… yeah, now we’re talking!” He said smirking at the viewer, “Just random things.”

AMC opened at $5.30 on Friday morning, dropping 7.4% by close to $4.91 and is largely unmoved in pre-market trading. While GameStop opened at $37.69 but after a disappointing Q1 report and Roaring Kitty’s stream the stock dropped 25% to $28.22. However, in pre-market, GME is up 5% to $29.59.

This comes following the meme stock influencer’s return to social media last week. After posting an Uno card on Twitter, he posted on the Reddit community Superstonk showing his purported GameStop positions totalling $586 million.

He then scheduled a livestream for Friday with some theorizing he could become a GameStop billionaire on stream. Unfortunately for Gill, the company’s Q1 report was released early and sent GME crashing 30%, putting a damper on the party. Despite this, the meme stock influencer still garnered over 700,000 viewers as the price of GameStop fell.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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