The kitty has stopped roaring.

Roaring Kitty, the notorious GameStop bull, hasn’t tweeted in three days. Prior to this, the Twitter user had posted almost every hour for five days in a row. But with his last post, it appears he may be gone for some time.

Last week, Keith Gill (aka Roaring Kitty) appeared to return to social media after a 3-year hiatus. This re-sparked interest in GameStop due to his strong connection to the 2021 short squeeze—which resulted in a documentary and feature film.

Each time Gill posted, a swarm of people dug into the deeper meanings of his movie memes. But his latest post doesn’t take an English Literature degree to decipher—he’s taking a break.


Using a clip from the end of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, when the alien is going back to his home planet, it appears the GameStop trader is leaving us. In the movie, E.T. deeply affects the young boy, Henry, after visiting for a short while. It feels like Roaring Kitty is comparing himself to E.T., after deeply affecting meme investors.

This final tweet came the same day that GameStop filed to sell up to 45 million additional shares—which could increase the total number of shares by 15%. In response, the stock tanked 26% when trading began and Roaring Kitty’s tweets started to get sad.

Starting with a teary-eyed GIF and a Ben Affleck smoking meme, the Twitter user went on a depressing Twitter spree finishing with his E.T.-themed goodbye.


The stock market has been closed since Roaring Kitty’s last tweet so we’re yet to see how the market reacts. But weirdly, the Solana-based meme coin, GME, has jumped 18% over the weekend.Over four decades later, we’re still yet to get a sequel for Spielberg’s extra terrestrial hit—despite constant rumors of a return. Will Roaring Kitty fans suffer the same fate?

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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