It appears that Roaring Kitty has been let down by his favorite video game store.

GameStop, the company which the trader (aka Keith Gill) made his name discussing online, has filed to sell up to 45 million shares—which could increase the total number of shares by as much as 15%. The price of GME immediately tanked by 26%, and now is trading at a price less than 20% above last Friday’s close.

As you might expect, the plunge appears to be stressing out Twitter’s favorite meme stock trader. Following the news, Roaring Kitty—who helped spur 2021’s GME share price spike—took to Twitter to post a meme of Ben Affleck smoking outside of a GameStop store, in visible distress. 


All week, the trader has continued to post film and TV clips, presented without comment—but there’s been a noticeable vibe shift.

He started with a GIF of a teary-eyed James MacAvoy from the film “Split,” perhaps an accurate representation when he saw his GME gains disappear once trading opened. This was quickly followed by a “Succession” TV show clip edited to say, “Roaring Kitty is the villain.”

The meme influencer has been painted as a villain by many mainstream financial figures, with some even accusing him of market manipulation. In GameStop’s filing, which outlined its intent to sell more shares, the company acknowledged recent price fluctuations and named social media as one of the factors—but stopped short of personally identifying the trader.


Has Roaring Kitty been scorned by his one-time love? Not so fast. The trader soon posted a clip from “The Steve Wilkos Show,” from an episode where a woman is staying with an abusive partner—who Roaring Kitty portrays as himself. The woman wants to stay with the man, and Roaring Kitty apparently wants his followers to do much the same with GME.

Roaring Kitty is on his knees, begging his followers to stick with him despite the recent bad news. To finish, the Twitter user posted a meme which suggests that behind all of these memes, he’s hurting. Tears are streaming down his face. 

The GameStop bull is clearly distraught, and this week’s gains are nearly erased. Is this the end of the meme stock revival?

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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