Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is offering up free in-game items and currency for Ethereum NFT card game Parallel, which launched to the public in open beta last week.

The exchange will offer up $5 worth of in-game credits (Glints) and two free packs of non-NFT cards to new players who access the game either through Coinbase’s “explore” page for retail traders or through social media posts from Base—the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network incubated by Coinbase.

Parallel mints some of its NFTs on Base, along with NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. Base creator Jesse Pollak described Parallel’s open beta launch in a press release as a “hugely important case study” for the Ethereum scaler.

“With the power of Base's on-chain transactions showcased by Parallel's ongoing success,” he added, “we are excited to continue supporting ambitious and creative projects in leveraging Coinbase integration, and making Ethereum accessible to everyone."


Parallel, GG’s pick for the 2023 game of the year, is an NFT-driven collectible card game in which players assemble decks and battle it out against each other. It’s similar to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but with a space opera setting and additional tactical elements.

Previously available in a closed beta, Parallel opened up to the public last Thursday and launched a new in-game season of content. Parallel also just released NFT starter decks minted on Base, priced at 0.01 ETH (about $38 at present).

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