Across Twitter on Tuesday, disbelief and jubilation reigned as Bitcoin briefly broke past $69,000 (before crashing), exceeding the previous record set for the coin’s all-time high price in late 2021.

Rarely known for their modesty, many Bitcoin maximalists took the opportunity to call out perceived doubters of the BTC cause who jumped ship after crypto markets cratered in mid-2022. 

“Do not be polite, do not take the high road, do not be gracious in victory,” Kevin McCordic, Ecosystem Growth Lead at Monad Labs, wrote on Tuesday. “No mercy. Unload on the haters.” 

Accompanying the post was an edited scene from the 2014 film “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” in which a gunman labeled as BlackRock CEO and Bitcoin advocate Larry Fink shoots several churchgoers in the head, including those marked as "nocoiners," as well as Warren Buffett, Elizabeth Warren, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, “college roommate,” and “pivoted to AI.”   


Many Twitter users directed such “told you so” gloating in the direction of those who argued, at the top of the year, that the historic approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs on Wall Street was fully priced in. Since Bitcoin ETFs started trading in mid-January, BTC’s price has exploded by over 49%. 


Others were a bit more sentimental about Bitcoin’s triumph today, however, reflecting on the long road—and the many highs and lows—that the cryptocurrency’s advocates weathered to arrive at this moment. 

Have seen many new Bitcoin ATHs over the last 12 years, but this one is probably my favorite,” crypto influencer Cobie wrote, adding that previous bear markets have left him “running out of oxygen over the course of years.”

Several Crypto Twitter denizens remarked that the occasion was particularly notable given its timing before Bitcoin’s next halving event in April, which is set to put deflationary pressure on the token and potentially boost its price even further. 

But for some, the occasion was of such monumental significance that no words could describe it. 

Michael Saylor, co-founder of $13 billion Bitcoin giant MicroStrategy, who personally may own over a billion dollars worth of BTC, posted only an illustration on Tuesday morning, accompanied by the caption “Bitcoin Today.” 

It appears to depict a version of Saylor—whose shadow appears as a Bitcoin logo on a windswept alien planet—headed towards a mythic horizon of bright sun and purple clouds that one could only assume represents a Bitcoin-infused Valhalla. 


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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