Ethereum gaming network Ronin has been buzzing in recent months thanks to the rise of Pixels, along with announcements around Axie Infinity. Now, one of the newest games to launch on the sidechain aims to pull in players with an airdrop campaign.

Apeiron, an original NFT game—billed as a hybrid of the “god game” genre and “roguelite” games with card-battling elements—launched its “play-to-airdrop” campaign on Tuesday, offering players in-game incentives that can lead to earning ANIMA tokens in the future.

According to an official post, users can earn airdrop points by completing certain tasks in the current battle demo of the game, as well as for rising up the in-game leaderboards and owning certain NFTs in the game.

Apeiron will award in-game points for a wide array of tasks across those experiences, including for completing daily quests, interacting with the game’s social media presence, minting and owning NFTs, and participating in the game’s closed beta test. The team has posted an explainer that details the various ways to earn points.


Apeiron plans to hold its token generation event (TGE) in February, and then airdrop points will be converted to ANIMA tokens to claim.

Players old and new can take part in the airdrop campaign, so it’s not exclusively for those who started before the promotion was revealed.


The battle demo is available now through the Epic Games Store, plus Apeiron launched on the Mavis Hub storefront this week, becoming the first third-party IP to launch on the store outside of Sky Mavis’ own Axie Infinity and games tied to that monster-battling experience.

“God games” like Populous and Black and White—both from legendary game designer Peter Molyneux—let players embody all-powerful beings and guide their followers. Meanwhile, “roguelite” games are derived from punishing “roguelike” games, such as dungeon crawlers, that present a sizable challenge paired with considerable rewards for skilled play.

Apeiron mashes up elements from those genres with card-battlers. “Players are able to 'play god' by growing their own planets and controlling giant avatars in battle,” the Epic Games Store description explains.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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