Portal, a crypto gaming platform that will support a variety of games and blockchain networks, announced that it is planning an airdrop for its upcoming token—and you can start earning it now by helping to promote the platform.

On Monday, Portal revealed how crypto users can “farm” the upcoming airdrop, or earn an allotment of the token based on their actions. In this case, Portal has created a social experience that rewards Twitter users for sharing content around the platform.

For the “Crystal Dash” promotion, anyone who engages with or creates and shares content about Portal can earn points. Those points add up to become crystal shards, which then can be fused into virtual crystals… and, at some point, they’ll apparently earn you tokens in the airdrop.

It's a long-winded way of saying that Portal plans to give out tokens to people who participate.


It seems to be a popular message, as the initial tweet announcing the airdrop promotion has more than a million views, along with tens of thousands of interactions. If you’re plugged into the crypto gaming scene on Twitter, then you’re likely to be inundated with Portal content for a while.

No timeline has been announced for the airdrop, nor has Portal said which chain or chains the token will be deployed on. Portal will also hold a community presale for the token, and is currently also seeking accredited angel investors who want to put at least 10 Ethereum (about $20,500) into the project in return for tokens.

Portal was revealed earlier this year as the “universal gaming coin” that will integrate into networks like Solana and Ethereum scaling network Polygon. It has since announced a wide array of collaborators that plan to support the coin, including the Magic Eden NFT marketplace and games like Space Nation and Nine Chronicles. All such allies have shared word of said collaborations via social media channels.


Many blockchain games already have their own respective tokens, but Portal’s token is billed as one token that can unite them across chains and ecosystems—and the team claims to have hundreds of Web3 games lined up to support the token.

According to the Portal website, the platform will also allow players to log into supported blockchain games via various Web2 accounts, view their entire inventory of NFT items across games, discover games, and connect with friends via social features.

An airdrop is a way for a crypto project to reward early users and contributors by awarding them tokens, which may have monetary value and are often used for governance votes and/or access to exclusive features.

In recent days, DeFi projects like Pyth Network and Jupiter have held sizable airdrops, while NFT marketplace Blur held its second airdrop to reward traders. One Blur trader received $8.4 million worth of BLUR tokens, which have only risen in value since. Jito, another Solana DeFi protocol, also revealed plans to do its own airdrop soon.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa

Editor's note: This story was update after publication to clarify that Portal said on social media that it has "integrated" with Polygon and Solana, rather than having an official collaboration with Polygon Labs or Solana Labs, as previously stated. Representatives for Polygon Labs and Solana Labs/Foundation each confirmed that there's no formal partnership on either side, but Portal is independently building on both networks.

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