The fast-paced team shooter game The Machines Arena (TMA) is set to launch its first in-game “season” on Tuesday. During the limited window of time, players can earn special rewards that won’t be available again after the season ends—and they'll be able to mint them as NFTs at some point, too.

While Machines Arena remains in closed beta via the Epic Games Store, players can apply for access through the game’s official website to participate in the first season. Beta Season 1 runs from July 11 until September 26.

The Machines Arena’s first season includes the addition of a new map called Blacksite for its “Pushback” game mode, which is similar to Overwatch 2’s “Push” mode. In Pushback matches, two teams of four players must fight to eliminate the enemy team and push a cart vehicle to the enemy team’s base before time runs out. 


While TMA is primarily known for its player-versus-player (PVP) gameplay, it also offers a player-versus-environment (PVE) mode called Death Run. TMA’s first beta season includes updates to its PVE mode, with the addition of a new character, Xe. Directive Games also said that the PVE update includes “tons” of quality-of-life updates.

While TMA is billed as a blockchain game in development, it hasn’t activated its NFT or crypto elements just yet—but they appear to be in the works.

The Machines Arena will use Ethereum scaling network Ronin for its NFTs. Currently, the game does not include NFTs, but Directive Games is releasing eight new character skins this season that players will be able to mint on-chain at a later, yet-to-be-disclosed date.

Players that reach level 25, 50, 75, and 100 by logging considerable game time will receive exclusive character skins for Zulu, Xe, Tesla, and Daye, respectively. TMA is also doling out special character skins for some of its earliest players, content creators, and select esports players. 


Alpha testers will receive an exclusive Pyro character skin. Anyone who played TMA before the start of its first beta season will also receive a Nightcore skin. TMA Championship winners from 2021 will receive a golden Pyro skin. And content creators who participated in TMA’s closed beta will receive a chrome Daye skin.

Instead of keeping The Machines Arena under wraps until its full release, Directive Games—like many blockchain game developers—is choosing to offer a more robust player experience while still in beta. And unlike other early-access games in the traditional gaming space, players won’t lose their XP or skins earned when the game eventually transitions to its full release. 

“Any collectible they unlock in the game is theirs forever,” Directive Games Community Lead Giorgio Crosali confirmed to Decrypt, adding that the exact date that players will be able to push their cosmetics on-chain has not yet been determined.

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