Popular Ethereum block explorer Etherscan is folding ChatGPT into its suite of tools for analyzing the Ethereum blockchain. On Monday, Etherscan announced the launch of Code Reader, currently in beta, which integrates the ChatGPT API into its analytics platform.

"The Code Reader is a tool that leverages the power of AI to provide users with the ability to retrieve and interpret the source code of a specific contract address," Etherscan said.


A blockchain explorer, also known as a block explorer, is an online search engine used to view transactions and other information on a blockchain network. Popular block explorers include Etherscan for the Ethereum blockchain, Solscan for Solana, and Blockchain.com for Bitcoin.

Etherscan is joining an increasingly crowded club. Last week, leading blockchain platform developer Alchemy launched its ChatGPT-based tool, AlchemyAI, which includes a GPT-4 plugin for blockchain exploration. In May, Solana Labs launched its own ChatGPT plugin.

Unlike ChatGPT plugins that run on the chatbot's website, the Etherscan Code Reader runs on the Etherscan platform and requires an OpenAI API key at an additional cost separate from a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

"This is very much a Beta release—please let us know what you'd like us to add or improve!" Etherscan tweeted.

Etherscan says the tool is for informational purposes only and warns users not to take what ChatGPT says at face value, not to rely on them for evidence or bug bounties, not to rely on them for evidence or bug bounties, and always verify the responses.


This disclaimer pertains to the widespread problem of AI chatbots generating false and fake information when responding to prompts. This tendency is called hallucinating.

AI hallucinations refer to instances when an AI generates untrue results not backed by real-world data. AI hallucinations can be false content, news, or information about people, events, or facts. In May, OpenAI said it was instituting new training models to help prevent hallucinations.

Etherscan has not yet responded to Decrypt's request for comment.

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