Canadian startup Ledn has now expanded its bitcoin-backed loan offering to include the US dollar-pegged stablecoin DAI, which is issued by MakerDAO. This enables those making loans on the platform to receive their money in DAI—keeping the door open for the unbanked.

Ledn is a way for Bitcoiners to lend their treasured coins out to other people. Coins are stored with BitGo, and are insured throughout the process. Currently, it offers a 1 percent monthly interest rate.

But, according to a recent blog post, Ledn notes that some users face issues with receiving US dollar payouts. These include delays and expensive wire transfer fees—let alone those in underdeveloped countries who don’t have access to banks. To solve this problem, it has introduced DAI as a way for people to receive the interest on their loans, without the price fluctuations involved with Bitcoin.


To help with the push, Ledn will be providing DAI borrowers an initial 2% bonus on top of their requested loan amount—the bonus will not need to be repaid. The offer will be valid until Ledn runs through its DAI allotment for the promotion—the total size of this allotment has not been disclosed.

Ledn argues that by providing this offering, it will enable it to gain a foothold in the Latin America markets, helping to bring better access to financial services to the region. It points out that MakerDAO, which builds DAI, has a strong presence in the region.

“MakerDAO is unique in that it has a strong, full-time, physical presence in the region — this helps them gain real-time insights as developments occur. From our experience in the region, we know being there is key in these fast-moving markets,” it said, in a Medium post.

However, Ledn’s new loan service isn’t for everyone. Those lacking an officially recognized form of identification and proof-of-address will be unable to receive a loan, since the platform complies with Canada’s anti-money laundering regulations set by FINTRAC. Nonetheless, Ledn and other crypto-backed loan platforms can act as a suitable stopgap for at least some unbanked individuals.

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