The digital artist Emily Yang, also known as pplpleasr, has released a limited-edition collection of 75 animated Producer Pass NFTs on Ethereum.

Each NFT—a unique blockchain token that signifies ownership—grants access to specific in-person events at the upcoming 75th Cannes Film Festival, which runs from May 17 to May 28 in the south of France.

Pplpleasr is working with the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and Brut Media to send all proceeds from the NFT sales to the Annenberg Accelerator Program, which supports up-and-coming female content creators.

“As a female creator, I think it's so important to have resources and role models we can look up to in any industry. I try to use my voice and platform to show the positive impact NFTs can have on society,” pplpleasr said in a statement.


Pplpleasr is a prominent artist in Web3 and has collaborated with the likes of Uniswap and Steve Aoki. She also supports initiatives like UnicornDAO, which calls itself “a femininst movement aiming to tackle patriarchy in Web3.”

There are three main tiers in the NFT collection—bronze, silver, and gold. Each NFT is an animated loop of a white fox walking a red carpet, with different traits depending on the tier and type. Bronze tier NFTs cost 5 ETH ($14,000) each and grant holders access to the red carpet and a film screening on one day of the festival.

Silver tier NFTs are 6 ETH ($16,800) each and grant access to the red carpet and screening of a specific film, such as “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Elvis,” or “Three Thousand Years of Longing.”

The gold tier will set holders back 7 ETH ($19,600) and grants access to either the opening ceremony or closing ceremony and its corresponding red carpet, according to the collection’s official website.


The NFTs are mintable through Pplpleasr’s Shibuya, which was announced back in March and is focused on funding film projects and initiatives through Ethereum.

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