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  • Popular rapper Soulja Boy now has a unique Ethereum address: souljaboy.eth.
  • The address was registered by a co-founder of Rainbow wallet almost a year ago.
  • Such easy-to-remember names can be created via Ethereum Name Service dapp.

Update: It turns out Soulja Boy used his custodial Ethereum address on Coinbase, rather than one he controlled personally. He is now working with Demarais and Coinbase to fix this issue and associate the domain name with an address that belongs to him.

Famous rapper Soulja Boy received his own personal Ethereum (ETH) address today: soujaboy.eth. It was gifted to him by Rainbow wallet co-founder Mike Demarais today. This makes it easier for people to send him ETH.


Ethereum names are easy-to-remember universal addresses that can be connected to crypto wallets. They can be created via the decentralized application Ethereum Name Sevice (ENS). Just like domain names on the Internet, ENS addresses require users to pay some recurring fees to keep them.

“yo soulja lemme give you ‘souljaboy.eth’ so you don’t have to use this long ass address,” Demarais tweeted after the rapper published his “normal” Ethereum address.

“Let’s make it happen,” Soulja Boy replied.

After Soulja Boy accepted his offer, Demarais added that some “mildly elite nerd shit” might be required to connect it to the rapper’s regular wallet. “bless u soulja — it’s gonna require u to do some mildly elite nerd shit to actually hook it up to your ETH address but i believe in you,” he noted. What this means is that there are a few complicated steps to connect his address to the name.

But it didn't take Soulja Boy long to get it done. Blockchain explorer Etherscan shows that his claimed the Ethereum name as his own.

Soulja Boy has successfully claimed his new Ethereum name
Soulja Boy has successfully claimed his new Ethereum name. Image: Etherscan

An ENS blog post written to help Soulja Boy claim his address also suggested that after setting up his new personalized ENS address, Souja Boy should change his Twitter profile name to “souljaboy.eth” since “it’s a tradition in the Ethereum community and signals to people that you’re a part of the new Internet.” 

But that hasn’t happened so far.

Soulja Boy gets into crypto

As Decrypt reported, Soulja Boy has been regularly dipping his toes in the sea of digital assets lately. Just a week ago, the rapper even said that he would consider creating his own cryptocurrency

The rapper has also recently revealed which cryptocurrencies are in his portfolio. According to his tweet, Soulja Boy has bought "some BNB, DGB, TRX, KLV, ZPAE and FDO,” and asked his 5.2 million followers what coins he should buy next. He might want to ask Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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