Crypto gaming firm Enjin has partnered with augmented reality platform MetaverseMe to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of “hyper-realistic avatars.”

Starting from February 23, users of the MetaverseMe app will be able to take real-world selfies and generate digital avatars. They can later bring those avatars to life by recording them in augmented reality and sharing the videos via social media.

“It won’t be long before the blockchain is recognized as the defacto standard for sharing assets across the Metaverse. Being able to truly own assets and take them and use them in your favourite games, across genres and gaming styles is going to revolutionize the digital economy and gaming,” said Martyn Hughes, CEO of eBallR Games and creator of MetaverseMe.

More and more video games could feature ownable Ethereum-based assets through the launch of Enjin’s simple web-based creation process.
The Enjin logo in the background. Image: Enjin

“Pluriform,” a limited set of digital fashion items, will be the first collection of NFTs adopted by MetaverseMe.

Users will be able to bring these scarce NFTs into other virtual worlds including Minecraft and The Six Dragons, as well as the next version of KickOff Evolution.

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