In brief

  • Bison Trails is intergrating with Coinbase Custody for Polkdot staking.
  • This allows Coinbase Custody clients to delegate DOT tokens to Bison Trails validators and earn rewards.

Bison Trails—a blockchain “infrastructure-as-a-service” company and founding member of the Libra Association—today announced an integration with digital asset storage firm Coinbase Custody

Clients of Coinbase Custody will now be able to delegate DOT tokens to Bison Trails validators in order to help secure the Polkadot network and earn rewards—once Polkadot’s mainnet eventually goes live, that is.

Bison Trails initially added Polkadot to its platform last February. In an interview with Decrypt, Joe Lallouz—CEO and co-founder of Bison Trails—said his company was attracted to Polkadot due to its “heterogeneous” multi-chain capable of bringing other blockchains together and allowing them to communicate in a secure environment.


Creating this shared ecosystem, he said, will solve the many scalability and interoperability challenges that blockchains face.

“We recognize how this fundamental innovation in protocol design lowers the barriers for building new blockchains,” said Lallouz. “We are thrilled to support the growth of this ecosystem by providing a robust node infrastructure to enable wider adoption of blockchain technology.”

Staking plays an increasingly important role in crypto, according to Lallouz. The incentives involved in proof-of-stake blockchains are what will drive users to participate in securing these emerging networks, he explained. And these kinds of networks have the potential to further legitimize the crypto market and drive greater adoption, said Lallouz.

The Bison Trails CEO is similarly bullish on projects like Libra, a type of endeavor which Lallouz views as inevitable as crypto edges closer to the mainstream. Lallouz said he’s confident Bison Trails’ presence and expertise will give Libra the infrastructure necessary to attain widespread adoption while remaining safe for users looking to send and receive funds.

“As a protocol-agnostic infrastructure platform, Bison Trails can play a key role in helping many projects advance,” he said.


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