Moderators on GameStop hero Roaring Kitty-endorsed subreddit SuperStonk have had to issue a warning to its community to stop doxxing the meme stock influencer and his family.

“We've noticed a HUGE uptick in pictures of [Roaring Kitty’s] family, including his wife/sibling(s),” the community post read. “They're totally unrelated to his activity as an investor and streamer, and his family and friends deserve their privacy. Posting their photos... honestly it's a little creepy and violates their privacy. Don't do it.”

Fans of the GameStop investor are clearly getting carried away. 

The post explains that the moderators aren’t sure whether the posts are meant to be “sweet” or “malicious”—but either way, they’re wrong. His followers tend to worship him like a financial deity, posting that they miss him only hours after he last posted.


Keith Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty or DeepFuckingValue, returned to Reddit by posting his GameStop positions on the SuperStonk subreddit last week. He sent the GME price rallying after he scheduled his first livestream in three years and then hosted it—with an audience of 700,000—while his GameStop investment dropped in value.

This level of fandom, combined with his trademark cryptic social media posts, has not only led to doxxing concerns but also widespread conspiracy theories. 

On Monday, Roaring Kitty poked fun at his GameStop losses with a meme of a man pointing intently at himself in a mirror with the caption “You were a billionaire.” While many thought this was a jovial gag, the Kitty conspiracy clan looked deeper.


They theorize that the mirror at which the man is pointing is in fact a two-way mirror, suggesting that he is not pointing at himself but rather someone behind. “Glad I’m not the only one who thought this about it being a two-way mirror when I saw the post,” one Reddit user commented.

In the comments to the post, people are diving even deeper into the mirror metaphor with “mirror trading” being highlighted by one Reddit user. Mirror trading is when an investor copies another more experienced investor, like many Roaring Kitty fans have been doing.

Meanwhile, fans over on Twitter have dug up old posts by Roaring Kitty which, they believe, suggests that he is about to swap his allegiance with GameStop to focus on another popular meme stock: AMC

This all comes back to a Twitter post from March 16, which references the Kansas City Shuffle, using a clip from Lucky Number Slevin. This is a bait-and-switch trick which, theorists believe, is the “financial markets” misdirecting investors into focusing on GameStop before switching to AMC. This theory is compounded by the viewers noticing that Roaring Kitty was wearing the same hand wrap which Bruce Willis’ character wears in Lucky Number Slevin.

Whether theorists believe that Roaring Kitty is the one behind this bait-and-switch is unclear, but they’re continuing to dig. This includes a near 50-minute YouTube breakdown of the AMC stock and Roaring Kitty’s involvements.

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