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Following last week's major announcement by Gavin Wood about the new JAM protocol at Token2049, several new projects built around Polkadot have been announced in the past week. 

The Web3 Foundation threw its weight behind decentralized storage, backing Moonsong Labs’ StorageHub as part of its Decentralized Futures Program.

The project aims to provide a full Polkadot native storage solution tailored to a wide variety of Web3 use cases, all built atop Polkadot parachain infrastructure.

StorageHub is specifically built for file-based storage and larger data sets that may be hard to implement on conventional parachain storage solutions. It aims to enable the storage of large files and data sets without sacrificing the underlying principle of decentralization.

StorageHub will undergo a phased development approach over the next year. The process will initially focus on development, followed by audits, testing, and optimization to make sure it integrates into the Polkadot network. 

New Polkadot podcast 

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood has launched a new podcast, ‘A Glass with Gav’, to discuss the world of Polkadot and Web3. 

The first episode saw Wood sit down with Mark Cachia, CIO of digital asset manager Scytale Digital, for a glass of whisky.

The first conversation touches on the need for more treasuries and fellowships within the Web3 industry. Listeners can look forward to new episodes every month, with the podcast available on platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Polkadot prominent at ArtsDAO

A number of Polkadot projects got to shine at Arts DAO, one of the world’s premier real-life NFT and digital art events, hosted in Dubai.

The event saw real world exhibitions from Polkadot projects including generative art exchange KodaDot, metaverse platform Bit.Country, gaming platform Moonsama, and the SubWallet app.

Culture4causes partnered with Polkadot for ‘Reconciliation with the living,’ an exhibition focusing on the artwork of generative artist Zancan.

New perks for wallet users

Popular user experience-centric wallet Talisman, purpose built for users of Polkadot and Ethereum, has launched Talisman Quests. 

Talisman Quests allows Polkadot users to earn rewards such as XP, special airdrops, or community roles while exploring Web3 projects. It’s now available in Open Beta. 

The Open Beta is set to end soon and will culminate on April 30th with a grand finale of $25,000 worth of $DOT tokens being airdropped to the winner. You can still head here to check your eligibility for the beta.

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