Other Page and Magic Eden have announced a collaboration that aims to reinvent profiles within the marketplace by enabling users to customize their avatars and showcase their full Web3 legacy across all of their wallets and communities.

Other Page's goal is to simplify profile creation by introducing a universal profile to flex the lore, IP licenses, lineage, club or guild affiliation, full sets, rare assets and inventory, as well as game data and achievements across both digital and IRL experiences. These profiles are similar to in-game character screens or Steam profiles, however, they’re interoperable between apps and games, with changes instantly reflected on integrated platforms.

"We're excited to enhance the experience of Yuga and extended ecosystem NFTs on our marketplace by collaborating with Other Page. Gaming assets in particular require a lot of context and the right presentation, which Other Page has done a great job of capturing," said Chris Akhavan, Magic Eden GM, Marketplace.

With Magic Eden's recent release of its Ethereum marketplace and its heavy focus on the gaming ecosystem, the collaboration between the two projects is a "perfect fit," according to the NFT marketplace. The first step in their collaboration is a bi-directional link between their platforms. On Magic Eden, users are able to dive deeper into the background of any wallet with outbound links to the wallet’s Other Page. From Other Page, users are able to discover NFTs and avatars for sale on Magic Eden.

“We couldn't be more excited to work directly with Magic Eden to enhance the profile experience for traders, collectors, and gamers alike,” said Other Page CEO Mike. “Our visions of the future are incredibly aligned from the support of creator royalties, to the utopian outlook of user-owned, digital legacy. Our initial integration is a small step in the right direction with deeper collaboration efforts on the horizon.”

In conventional gaming, when a game ceases to exist, so does your entire gaming legacy within that game and everything you’ve accomplished. Compounding the issue is the fragmentation caused by each gaming ecosystem, such as Steam, Epic Games, EA and Battle.net, each with its distinct gaming profile and siloed data.

Blockchain addresses some of these problems by allowing gamers to own various in-game assets and key data points associated with those assets. Other Page aims to take it a step further by combining a range of on-chain and off-chain data and bringing it all together in one unified view. Other Page also plans to introduce a variety of gamification mechanics aimed at enhancing the platform's social experience and enabling users to earn and showcase on-chain achievements.

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