Game studio Endless Clouds is working with Immutable to launch two of its upcoming games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, on Immutable’s anticipated zkEVM blockchain, the firms announced Tuesday.

The two titles will offer alpha and beta early access launches and will support the Immutable Passport, Immutable’s single sign-on crypto wallet. Immutable zkEVM is an upcoming Ethereum scaling network based on Polygon's zkEVM technology.

“I am a huge believer in Ethereum, so naturally our options filtered down instantly,” said Endless Clouds pseudonymous founder, Loopify, in a message to Decrypt when asked how the studio chose its blockchain.

“Immutable met our criteria for what we eventually need from a chain. From security, low fees, scalability, and more,” the founder said.


Loopify also shared that the team behind the Immutable zkEVM ticked all their boxes, offering support and production connections.

“It’s directly a partnership as we bring the app [and] they bring the infrastructure,” Loopify told Decrypt. “But also indirectly, as they want to build for the blockchain gaming industry in general.”

Treeverse is billed as an “immersive MMORPG,” while Capsule Heroes is a player-versus-player (PVP) brawler-style game. Both games will put an emphasis on player ownership through in-game NFT assets. Loopify also shared that the studio has plans for its own token at some point in the future.


“They will act as add-ons on top of the base game, not limiting the gameplay if you do not own what’s needed, but still boosting the experience for those who want digital ownership,” the founder said of both games’ use of NFTs.

Immutable President and co-founder Robbie Ferguson expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration in a statement.

“With this partnership we aren’t just signaling a promising future for these two titles—we’re continuing to drive a turning point for the overall games industry as the blockchain vertical continues to mature,” Ferguson said.

Endless Clouds is backed by gaming and VC firms like Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, Momentum 6, and others, raising at what it called a $25 million valuation back in 2021. It raised additional funding in December 2023.

The studio has also already seen nearly $100 million in trading volume for its existing NFT collections, according to a statement. Three Treeverse-related NFT collections have already been released on Ethereum, spanning trees, virtual land plots, and character avatars.

As Loopify and their studio move into the Immutable ecosystem, the founder doesn’t see their pseudonymity as an issue. 

“I’ve been pseudonymous from the start,” Loopify said, adding that a crypto founder is judged by their “reputation for what you bring to the space” as opposed to past credentials.


Edited by Andrew Hayward

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