Xai, a gaming-centric “layer-3” scaling network built on Arbitrum—itself a layer-2 scaler for Ethereum—planned to kick off its XAI token airdrop today, delivering a holiday gift for eligible members of the community. But there will be a slightly longer wait until the token drops.

On Tuesday, the project’s official Twitter account wrote that the airdrop would be delayed until an unspecified time next week due to health issues for one of the team members.

“Why are we delaying? Unfortunately, an important team member has been dealing with significant health challenges,” the team wrote. “We thank you for understanding and being patient.”

Xai said that it still has yet to take an on-chain snapshot of Sentry node operators who support the network, so there’s still time for people to buy Sentry Keys to become eligible for this first wave of the airdrop.


Other eligible users for the initial airdrop include owners of Xai’s Odyssey Legendaries and Vanguards NFTs, however those snapshots have already been taken. Anyone buying in now will apparently not be eligible for next week’s airdrop.

Airdrops are a popular way for crypto protocols and apps to incentivize early users and contributors by offering them an allocation of tokens, which also helps to decentralize the governance process for such initiatives.

There’s been a rising wave of airdrops lately amid the improving crypto market, including recent token drops from the likes of Jito and Pyth Network on Solana. Other upcoming gaming token airdrops include those from the multi-chain token Portal and the gaming-centric network Saga Protocol.

Edited by Stacy Elliott.


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