Portal is moving to bridge the gap between crypto games and blockchain networks with a single token and platform. And now we know when its token is set to be airdropped.

The Portal airdrop will take place in January, the project’s official Twitter account announced Monday, with the current Crystal Dash airdrop farming game set to conclude then. At that point, users can “convert their shards into airdrop” and claim Portal tokens.

Launched in late November, Crystal Dash is a promotional campaign that lets crypto users earn points by sharing and interacting with Portal-related content on Twitter. Users can then convert points into crystal shards, eventually unlocking Portal tokens' allotment.

That campaign has drawn some ire from Crypto Twitter users, as Portal-related posts have been massively reshared. And it appears that Portal is aiming to ease some of the spam, as it said that the latest evolution of the campaign will only let users earn points for the “first like, quote/retweet, and a single comment on a Portal Power Post."


An airdrop is a way for a crypto app or protocol to reward early users by granting them tokens, which also helps to decentralize governance. There’s been a rise in prominent token airdrops in recent weeks as the crypto market improves, with recent drops from protocols like Jito and Pyth putting hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tokens into users’ wallets.

Portal claims to integrate with blockchains including Solana and Ethereum scaling network Polygon, and the token is built using LayerZero Labs’ interoperability protocol. The project held a token presale last week, taking in nearly $10 million in the first 15 minutes across Ethereum and Solana, with millions of transaction requests.

Recently, Portal began revealing some of the key players involved with the project. Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King is one of the project’s advisors, and Decrypt recently spoke with Portal Chief Business Officer Dan Keene about its plans.


Keene holds the same role at SuperDuper, the crypto startup behind the Overlord game and Creepz NFT project on Ethereum. Other advisors and members of the Portal team, including King, are also connected to SuperDuper. Last week, major talent agency WME confirmed that it had signed Portal and will represent the project.

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