What is the most effective way to get a hardcore crypto technical analysis guy off your porch? Pay him for the pizza.

Crypto derivatives trading platform Bitget has announced a one-year partnership with actor and comedian Adam Devine amid the company’s rebranding strategy.

In a new spot that went live Friday morning, Devine cautions users to "read the reviews before buying anything, because looks can be deceiving," before cutting to someone buying what looks like a rocket ship and playing a sad trombone as it turns out to be a miniature model. The tagline: "The haters are already set in their ways, but we're out here set for change."

The partnership is part of an ongoing company campaign known as #SetForChange which focuses on bringing a younger crowd–most likely familiar with Devine’s work–onto the platform. Behind the partnership, read the news, is a unique “lighthearted” approach to crypto education and adoption.


Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget said in a press release that celebrities like Devine will be a quintessential part of pushing society towards a more “crypto-friendly future.”

“With the campaign, Bitget aims to empower individuals and encourage more people to adopt the #SetForChange mindset,” said Chen, adding that “Working with comedians like Devine, will allow us to lower the knowledge barrier, making crypto and Web3 more fun and accessible to attract more youth.”

According to the announcement, the company has been busily integrating what they deem “smart tools” that not only expand Web3 capabilities but also tap into the evermore important Artificial Intelligence (AI) aspect of the industry.

Devine is one of the biggest names to partner with a firm since crypto exchange Crypto.com debuted an ad featuring actor Matt Damon telling viewers that "fortune favors the brave" while comparing crypto investors to arctic explorers, the Wright brothers, and astronauts. It's fair to say that it hasn't aged well. Damon has since said that he took the job in an attempt to raise money for his clean water charity.


Meanwhile, Seychelles-based Bitget made headlines in March this year when it became the first centralized exchange to support a decentralized data warehouse, known as the Time and Space platform, bidding to bring more financial transparency to the industry.

A few months later, in early July, the platform moved to boost investor liquidity when it launched “dual-coin” crypto loans, allowing borrowers to stake their own coins to back up loans denominated in another currency.

BitGet kicked off its rebranding strategy two weeks ago with a new log and visual elements, along with a novel tagline that read “Trade smarter.”

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