EF Defense, a mobile tower defense strategy game on iOS and Android, will be expanded and relaunched on the Ethereum scaling network Immutable zkEVM.

Singapore-based developer Weracle announced the move today in partnership with Web3 game publisher Immutable. EF Defense hails from blockchain game studio Weracle, which was founded by Myungyong Shin, also founder of the Korean game developer Ekkorr—the studio behind Endless Fantasy, a mobile role-playing game (RPG) with millions of downloads.

EF Defense, which has a similar visual aesthetic as Endless Fantasy, is a play-to-earn tower defense game that challenges players with defending the Land of Abundance from a darkness that’s plaguing the continent of Akaros. The game offers 70 different heroes to play as, along with a variety of customization options.


The mobile game already offers hero characters as NFTs minted on Ethereum scaling network Polygon, plus Weracle itself has its own token that is currently available across Polygon and the Ethereum mainnet. It’s currently unclear how the game will utilize NFTs and tokens on the Immutable zkEVM network.

“The team at Weracle have years of experience working on Web2 titles that millions of gamers already play and love, and the power of Immutable zkEVM will undoubtedly help them make great strides in the world of Web3 as well,” said Immutable VP Of Global Business Development Andrew Sorokovsky, in a statement.

The Immutable zkEVM network is based on Polygon’s zkEVM technology, providing a gaming-centric layer-2 Ethereum scaling network that enables cheaper and faster transactions than mainnet. Immutable is also developing the Passport, a simplified wallet designed for gamers who aren’t Web3 natives.

Weracle has already confirmed plans to launch more crypto games, alongside a digital Weracle Wallet for its ecosystem.


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