Looking for a browser-based shooter game that’s easy to pick up and free to play? 

Mighty Action Heroes is a battle royale (BR) shooter in open beta with quirky, 1980s-inspired characters. The game runs smoothly on a web browser and offers solid animations, gun options, and mechanics, creating a fast-but-fun battle royale experience for NFT collectors and casual gamers alike.

Hailing from developer Mighty Bear Games, Mighty Action Heroes (MAH) is competitive in its own way. While it’s overall a very casual game—with matches lasting from a few seconds to about five minutes each—there’s room for players to get competitive with hand-selected gear, crafted NFT items, and custom play styles.


As a BR fan, I found MAH very intuitive and easy to pick up and play. I didn’t craft any grenades or buy any of Mighty Action Heroes’ NFTs to play the game, but still found the matches I played to be fun and feel fair.

Playable heroes

In its open beta, the game offers eight free, different cartoonish human characters to choose from, each with one ability. Some characters are considered “tanks” that can soak up attacks, while others are fast-moving “speedsters.”

Mighty Action Heroes also offers characters called “fighters,” which are comparable to a high damage-per-second (DPS) hero in your typical shooter game. The fourth character class in MAH is the “balanced” type, which aims to offer a Goldilocks-like mixture of the other classes without being too overpowered. 

All of the heroes feel balanced in their own way at this point. Tanks move slowly but have more health, while speedsters are faster and can use their ability to escape or engage quickly—but they have very little health and can’t take much damage. Giving heroes more diverse abilities (and more than one each, at that) would make the game more exciting.


Just one map?

In my hours of playtesting, I only encountered one map in my matches: a flat, somewhat dark cityscape. While I liked the map’s size, numerous buildings, and obstacles, the deadly red “ring” that closed in to push players together moved very quickly.

Again, MAH is a fast-paced battle royale rendition—faster even than other indie BR games like Super Animal Royale, which offers a similar point-of-view and gameplay experience but with cute animal characters.

Hopefully, MAH will offer players a variety of different maps upon full release. While the matches are quick, players could get bored easily without vertical terrain, more complex maps layouts, or other features like questing or player-vs-environment (PVE) experiences to enhance the basic BR format. Perhaps different game modes could be another way to add variety into the mix.

Like in Fortnite, MAH indicates the quality of a weapon with a color glowing around it. Gray (common) is the lowest tier, followed by green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), and then a goldish-orange (legendary). In my matches, I only found gray, blue, and purple weapons, but I imagine the other types do spawn randomly around the map.

NFT elements

Mighty Action Heroes offers a number of different in-game items as NFTs—some of which must be crafted using other NFTs or materials. The game is using Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum One and the Treasure NFT marketplace for its in-game item collections, which so far include a weapon parts collection, a blueprints NFT collection for crafting recipes, a gadgets collection for in-game weapons like grenades, and a supply crates NFT collection with mysterious rewards (like loot boxes). 

MAH also has a trophy NFT collection, but these NFTs cannot be bought on Treasure. Instead, they’re given out to top-scorers for their achievements.

While it’s certainly possible that some of these craftable items like grenades could become overpowered and feel “pay-to-win” for some, I didn’t encounter any in my matches. It’s something the developer will have to be mindful of as the game progresses towards its full launch, however.


Final thoughts

In its open beta state, Mighty Action Heroes is a fun and simple browser game. It isn’t breaking new ground in the battle royale genre, but its casual-friendly nature is sure to appeal to some players, while the optional NFTs and crafting mechanics may hook those looking for a more blockchain-forward gaming experience.

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