Ava Labs, the development company behind the Avalanche network, announced on Tuesday the launch of AvaGPT, the latest entry in a flurry of deployments of OpenAI's ChatGPT technology among blockchain companies.

"The two things [AvaGPT] is providing is answering general questions for Avalanche users quickly, while also letting them still access our support team," Ava Labs Technical Product Manager Kieran McShane told Decrypt. "It was out of an effort to help answer questions quicker and get to the source material immediately.”

As McShane explained, AvaGPT was created in collaboration with ChatGPT service provider Kapa AI and integrated into the Ava Labs Core platform. The development of AvaGPT, McShane added, was led by the Ava Labs support team and engineers.

"We make sure [AvaGPT] is trained specifically and only on Avalanche documentation," McShane said, reiterating that the Ava Labs customer support team can help answer questions.

AvaGPT prompt
Image: AvaGPT/Ava Labs

Ava Labs' Core is a platform developed by Ava Labs that supports several blockchains, including Avalanche, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

"Our users are on Core and utilize it a lot, and we have a lot more very Avalanche-specific features coming in the future," he said, adding that Ava Labs already utilizes chatbot technology on its Discord server to answer questions.

Founded in 2018, New York-based Ava Labs launched the Avalanche proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain in September 2020. In June 2022, Ava Labs released Core wallet as a Chrome extension. That same year Core’s web portfolio launched in October, with the mobile version for Android launching later in December and iOS shortly after.


While he did not give specifics, McShane says AvaGPT is only the first GPT-based product Ava Labs intends to launch.

Other blockchain companies leveraging ChatGPT's technology include Alchemy and Etherscan. Like others using OpenAI's chatbot, Ava Labs includes a disclaimer warning users about the accuracy of AI responses, saying AvaGPT is for informational purposes only.

"Neither Ava Labs, Inc. nor anyone else in the Avalanche community, is responsible for the content found in this chat or takes any responsibility for or certifies any information provided by the chatbot as correct, worthy, or accurate," the warning reads, adding the company assumes no responsibility to moderate, monitor, or respond to anything written in the chat.

AI hallucinations, or instances when AI generates false or fake information when responding to prompts, continue to be a significant concern plaguing the rapid development and mainstream adoption of artificial intelligence.

Earlier this month, Ava Labs launched Avalanche Arcad3, a program aimed at helping traditional game developers to explore games built using blockchain technology.

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