A day that began with optimism for crypto traders has turned, er, slightly less optimistic.

Earlier today, Bitcoin was trading near the $8,500 mark, which represented a spike of nearly $400 over the past two days.

Ethereum, meanwhile, touched the $180 mark yesterday following last week’s nasty fall from highs above $220 per ETH token.


At the moment, however, Ethereum has fallen back down to roughly $176 per token, according to data from Messari. That’s only a drop of just over one percent within the past 24 hours, but it demonstrates an unwillingness for the token to find support above the $180 mark.

It’s not the only bit of bad Ethereum-related news lately either. Two days ago, users discovered a bug related to ETH-based domains being auctioned on the platform OpenSea. According to a Medium post written by a representative of the Ethereum Name Service, a problem with the system was discovered when online Ethereum domains were being awarded to users that were not necessarily the highest bidders, causing many participants to walk away with prizes they hadn’t earned.

OpenSea later issued a follow-up post explaining that while there was nothing that could be done about the ETH-based domains that had already been handed out, executives were placing a halt on finalizing all further domain auctions until the kinks could be worked out.

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