San Francisco-based Cere Network, a blockchain customer relationship management company, has integrated decentralized oracle provider Chainlink, to power its smart contracts.

Chainlink is a service that decentralizes the way products and services connect to data sources. If you pull data from, say, Binance, using an API, Chainlink uses a network of oracles on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure that the data hasn’t been tampered with. It doesn’t verify the data but makes sure that you receive the same data that was put out originally. Chainlink’s solution has been incredibly popular. 

The company has partnered with crypto price-tracking stalwarts CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare to provide decentralized projects with access to price data. Many more companies have chosen to integrate Chainlink’s services including Brave New Coin, Provable (formerly Oracalize) and Wanchain.


All this comes in handy for the Cere Network, which raised $3,600,000 in funding earlier this month, and uses blockchain technology to control access to customer data. With Chainlink, clients of the Cere Network can integrate data sources into services that run on the Cere Network, secure in the knowledge that the data hasn’t been tampered with. 

Chainlink’s integration with the Cere Network also means that all smart contracts powered by Chainlink can use or store customer data on the Cere Network. This makes it easier for other people to use the Cere Network, in theory, aiding adoption.

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