Anonymous YouTuber sets up bitcoin bird-feeder 

An interactive bird-feeder allows users to feed birds with cryptocurrency donations and is being live-streamed on YouTube to great effect.

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Bitcoin bird-feeder

Now here’s a new use case for crypto: an interactive bird-feeder that converts cryptocurrency donations to feed for birds, and is live-streamed on YouTube.

A donation of $0.50 worth of bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Nano, means the birds get extra food.

But the concept, setup by anonymous YouTuber Mr Dove, has proved so popular that the birds are being inundated with feed. 

And one cryptocurrency, Nano is proving far more popular than the rest, according to CCN’s Greg Thomson, who has performed a thorough investigation.

In his BlockExplorer analysis of donations received, only one donation was made to the Bitcoin address, with the bulk (20) in Nano. His article went on to question Bitcoin’s suitability for paying small animals tiny amounts of food micropayments. Which as you would expect, led a litany of bitcoin maximalists on Reddit to complainand donate. 

At the time of writing, 26 donations had been sent to the bitcoin address; four donations were sent to the Dogecoin address, and 21 were sent to the Litecoin address. But Nano was still the dominant currency, with 126 donations and counting. 

One reason for Nano’s dominance could be due to the fact that transactions on the Nano blockchain are cheaper than on the other cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Nano-holders may also be less inclined to hodl.

Whatever the real reason, it certainly puts a new spin on the expression: for the birds.

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