Public blockchain platform Zilliqa is now using decentralized oracle network Chainlink to power its smart contracts.

Launched in 2017, Zilliqa uses a technique called sharding to break up databases into easily manageable sections, which, in turn, is designed to help increase the network’s scalability without limiting its security features. Since then, it’s been making hay, launching its mainnet and getting added to Coinbase Pro. And now it has decided to get closer to real world data by integrating Chainlink—which was also recently listed on Coinbase.

By doing so, the public blockchain will be able to retrieve and query external data feeds, enabling real-time access to exchange rates, market prices, voting results, and weather forecasts from other public blockchains and cloud service providers.

All of this is made possible through a custom adapter provided by Chainlink that allows developers and users access to the data feeds they need. The adapter has also been designed to boost Zilliqa’s trustlessness and scalability as no one person will have responsibility for manually updating data feeds.


Amrit Kumar, president and chief scientific officer at Zilliqa, said in a press release, that the collaboration with Chainlink will help to empower their developer community and their end-users.

“As we continue to explore more solutions in the realm of decentralized finance, access to secure and reliable price feeds will be integral to the growing diversity of the Zilliqa ecosystem,” Kumar added.

But with the price of Zilliqa flatlining, and the trading volume of the coin running low—will it be enough to bring back interest in the coin?

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