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  • Famed filmmaker Kevin Smith is getting into the NFT game
  • Smith is partnering with Phantasma Chain to create a line of Jay & Silent Bob NFTs

Famed filmmaker Kevin Smith is getting into the NFT game. Smith has partnered with Phantasma Chain and Semkhor to create a Jay and Silent Bob NFT collection, Smokin’ Tokens

But even more important, if that is the right word: Clerks 3, a sequel Smith has been working on for six years, will have a crypto subplot! (And you thought the Coinbase direct listing was the big story of the week.)

The company announced the collaboration with Semkhor and Smith on the Phantasma website. The Jay and Silent Bob NFTs come in four cannabis-themed colors: Weed Green, Indica Orange, Bluntman Purple, and Mooby Yellow. A fifth and rarer token, Platinum, gives the holder a cameo in Smith’s next film, Clerks III, whose release date has not been set.


“Kevin being as creative as he is, realized that NFTs are like the comic book world and the digital world coming together,” Scott Gallagher, sales and marketing director at Phantasma, told Decrypt. Smith decided to collaborate with Phantasma and Semkhor because “David (Shapiro) and Kevin are very tight because of their work together on Killroy Was Here,” he said.

“Once David explained it,” Smith said in an interview with Bitboy Crypto. “I was like YES!, this is a place I want to play in.” Smith was quick to point out he is no NFT tourist and that NFTs are a field he is now deep in. Perhaps as research for Clerks 3?

Smith went on to say that two of the platinum tokens will be mixed with the other tokens so that some lucky buyer of, say, an orange token could end up with a platinum token, too. 

Phantasma also plans to release NFTs with Dylan McDermott, Marc Anthony, and Heavy Metal Magazine. And on April 21, a teaser NFT will be released that will include a preview of the upcoming film, Kilroy Was Here. It claims to be the first film in history to be sold exclusively as an NFT, meaning that whoever owns the Killroy NFT will also own actual Killroy Was Here media files. 

That’s something that could have real value.


Tweeted Smith:  “I believe whoever buys it will sell it to a streamer, at the very least. They’re buying an NFT that also grants them ownership of the physical media files for KILLROY WAS HERE.

But wait! There’s more: Smith also launched a new website dedicated to Jay & Silent Bob’s crypto adventures. The site is intended to onboard other creatives and artists to NFTs. The Jay & Silent Bob Smokin’ Tokens NFT launches on April 21.

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