Pak has become the first artist who has sold blockchain-based works of art for more than $1 million in total, according to analytics platform


The platform tracks artists and their creations across the largest crypto art marketplaces such as SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, and Async Art. These encompass the bulk of the blockchain art scene.

According to CryptoArt’s data, 268 of Pak’s artworks across various platforms have been sold to date for $1,079,382 (or 1,881 ETH) combined.

“So grateful for this milestone. It is not always possible to plan the path to success. Sure, I work hard and do my best, but sometimes things beyond our control are a lot more important - as with Cryptoart,” Pak tweeted today, adding, “Sometimes the planets are lined up correctly.”

Among the top three highest-grossing artists, Pak is followed closely by pseudonymous artists Hackatao and Xcopy, each selling their numerous artworks for a total of $803,224 and $656,474, respectively.

As Decrypt reported, the popularity of blockchain-based art—digitalized in the form of non-fungible tokens—keeps growing exponentially. Just yesterday, 17-year-old artist Fewocious sold one of her crypto artworks for $21,350. She is also ranked 18th in CryptoArt’s top-grossing artists’ list, earning $171,934 for her creations in total.

How long before there’s a swathe of crypto art millionaires?

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